He is much taller than I am.

It is surprising how little she knows of the world.

He wishes the accident hadn't happened.

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Who were you just speaking to?

I love Istanbul.

The government sends goods to that little island by helicopter.

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He is often taken for a student because he looks so young.


During his seven years in Japan, he studied Japanese in earnest.

Shannon reluctantly handed over the diamonds.

He is man who I think has never known poverty.


My head still felt giddy.


We've just got to get better.

A healthy man does not know the value of health.

Phill opened the cabinet.

How long have you been doing this job?

We're not taking anything.

His patience is worn out.

Because I hate you.


We're going out for lunch. Do you want to come, too?

What?! You didn't do your homework because of a soccer match? That's no excuse!

I read this book when I was in high school.

Carisa is not like the other girls.

Shean is never in a hurry.

I must finish it before I go out.

Mats knows how much I love him.

Is Lojban ambiguous? Depends what you mean by ambiguous.

I really don't want you to do that.

These words came out of the book you have.

Tony bought a new pickup.


He quietly said goodbye.

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This is the regular procedure.

He was naive.

Here's one I forgot.


I've had it up to here with you!

I got something for them.

November is nearer and nearer!


Moderate exercise is necessary to health.


I don't think that's likely to happen.

Caroline often sings when he's in the shower.

I want to text, but my eyes hurt.


We can't stay here.

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I told him to leave me alone.


It's a habit you can break.


He is in Tokyo.

At his words her color paled.

He left his wife and children.

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What's your favorite sad song?

Mr Wood came into the field.

Why do you want me to have it?

Tanaka has said that he got up this morning around eight o'clock.

Dan didn't even say 'goodbye'.

Piercarlo saw a girl sitting all alone, so he went over to talk to her.

He likes collecting old coins.

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Shut up and do it.

Even though she was trying to hide it, I could hear desperation in Sridhar's voice.

The man strikes me as being dishonest.


That's a really dangerous intersection.

I could hear someone calling my name on the noisy platform.

Rhonda isn't going to be there.

Unfortunately, you're right.

This is a love song.


Tell me how can I be of service to you.

I received a ball for the doll.

Lucy was bantered by her grandparents.

I must've lost some weight.

I'm getting married.

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I don't want to play cards.

It's his first day at school.

The best way to master a foreign language is to go to the country where it is spoken.

We still have a problem.

When I visited Ken he was studying.

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I'd like to know what you intend to do now.


On July 1, 2013, Croatian became the twenty-fourth official language of the European Union.

I think that's why Miles doesn't have any friends.

Let's find out what the schedule is.

Don't try to frighten me.

You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

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The expensive machine turned out to be of no use.

I offered him fifty pence and he accepted.

Josip doesn't like to speak in public.


They moved ahead slowly.


You said you'd help.

I ask for your understanding!

Saiid doesn't miss a thing, does he?


Mat is bad at driving.


Srinivas was cornered by a group of rebels.

Try it on.

Becky could still be alive somewhere.

Now I speak.

He runs faster than I.

I'd strongly advise against doing that.

Could you please leave the room?

Keep your eyes open.

She hung the washing on the line.

We must help her.

I hate playing cards.

That's why I'm a bachelor.

It is not uncommon for kayakers to be surprised by a pod of whales.


Take it, please.


I think we'll make it if we hurry.

She said that she saw a suspicious man.

Can you guess what's in this bag?

It's not the Esperanto speakers that are more addicted to languages, it's the other way round...

I want a computer.


It smells bad in here.

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I remember what you said the other day.


Don't you have a boyfriend?

Marion did not resist.

I didn't give Stan anything.


Does Germany export grain?


If Toufic doesn't do what he's supposed to do, please let me know.

I find her very pretty.

The pay is terrible.


The authorities have been hiding the facts from the public.

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People die in wars.

It's not something we planned.

We held a seminar.

I did not see anyone in the street.

I thought I'd give Sam your phone number.


I'm not too clear about that point.


I drank too much wine, and became dizzy.

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The boys have gone north.

I forgot to send New Year's cards to my friends.

I think he has two children.

He suddenly came out with the truth.

You must give me what I want.


One hunts wild boar at night.


Will is banging on the front door.

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Is this snake safe to touch?


Am I supposed to be here?

I would like to show you my beautiful city.

There are other ways to do this.

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Why are you adding sentences to this website?

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What? It's only eleven? We still have an hour to go before lunch.

I've never been to Boston before.

If there are too many irons in the fire in too short a time, good strategy cannot result.

Mr. Brown made his son learn Chinese.

Tell me what to do and I'll do it.

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Sidney dances very well.

Sumitro will carry those suitcases for you.

The train doesn't stop at that station.

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I forgot to tell you where I live.

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She's out of position.


May I take your size, madam?


There points can be brought under the same heading.


I'm not straining your tea.

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Pam wanted to know what Joseph's last name was.