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Darin needed help doing his taxes.

Mother Nature is generous.

This coat is bigger.


I'm not going to fight a duel.

I don't know anything about their relationship.

Hirofumi went out to get lunch.

We're moving house next month.

Do what you can for her.

Have you already done your homework?

You'll regret this in the morning.

I think you dropped this.

Jack might be writing email now.

He is engaged in an occupation of his own choice.

Can you show me where the bathroom is?

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I always thought Miriam was funny.

No I'm not; you are!

I'm not sure I follow what you're saying.


A firewall guarantees your security on the internet.

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Today, I don't feel like doing anything.

We're sorry for what we did.

Do you want to kiss me?

Where are Jos and Sedovic right now?

I might as well die as lead such a life.

My sister spends too much time dressing.

An hour spent in the garden is an hour well spent.

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She is always bright and smiling.


Vladimir found tire tracks in the mud.

He is having dinner.

Never count on victory until you've crossed the finish line.

Hey, you.

Had he heard the news, he might have been shocked.

It was fortunate that he passed it.

Empty the purse into this bag.

Atom bombs are a danger to mankind.

That was super fun.

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Life is unfair sometimes.

You know better than that.

You've never done this kind of thing before, have you?

I'm worried about them, too.

I should talk to him.


He was surprised to find his stolen bag.


I cannot translate this book.

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Japan is poor in natural resources.

Should we tell them?

Ravindranath and Randell are watching TV in the living room.

Sundar died at an early age.

He brags about owning an expensive car.

The high command decided to attack at dawn.

I hate the politicians of the world who put their personal interests before those of their country.

I am ashamed of your behavior.

I'm not doing this for the money.

Todd didn't seem to understand what was going on.

If you want to take a break, just say so.


Please wake up.


A protocol is used when computers intercommunicate, just as human beings do.

I woke up at three.

The zoo in our city is large and new.


Everything we know by now is that Aguiar is fine.


It's all the rage these days.

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Archie is out at the moment.


The young adapt to change easily.

Rudolph threw a stone into the pond.

I didn't know Sedat had a sister.

Bradford told me where to go.

The doctor wouldn't accept any gifts from the poor.


I didn't buy anything.

Kent's parents don't like me.

What are you searching for?

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This is the best guitar in the store.


Tell her that I am joking.

That isn't the plan.

You must not think about your immediate profit only.

Merton came back into the office.

It wasn't a problem.


The Democratic Party needs major reform.

He sits up studying till late at night.

Let go of the handle.

Yesterday was Friday.

I have no idea where Jingbai went.

Let's sit in the front.

Tobias makes furniture.


My room faces south, which makes it sunny and very comfortable.

Discussions about religion are very often contentious.

His father is conservative and old-fashioned.


Translate the word.

I'll buy Turkeer a drink.

The is a baseball fan.

The vanity plate I want is not available.

I don't intend to ever talk to Bryce again.

I am basking in the spring sun.

I can't believe you thought Malloy was cute.

Life without humor would be unbearable. This applies to love as well.

Spencer canceled lunch with me today.

Well done, Allen.

I'm allergic to gluten.

There are many singers in this singing festival.

My feet started sticking in the muddy street. I nearly fell down.


I am quite in agreement with your analysis.

That's a pale pail, pal.

Ideas don't really have a home on the ground, they float in the air between people.

This should be good!

But will it be a problem?


I think you've confused me with someone else.

She knew her reaction had been stupid.

Gregge and Andrea are both students.

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Is this a joke?

Troy picked up one of his gloves and put it on.

Kit sometimes helps his mother in the kitchen.


I thought that was the right thing to do.

Give me the knife and let me slice the bread.

Laurence handed Tor a mug of coffee.

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This is so beautiful I cried a little.

You shouldn't prejudge people.

Everybody shouted for joy.

I found a bunch of viruses on my aunt's computer.

I think that she has not lied yet.

Jupiter is very large.

You've looked better.

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The dog snapped up the meat.


We wanted to explain the recent service failure.

Why can't Sandip stay here?

He is very famous.

What was the determining factor in this case?

Who the heck's book is this?

I wrote him a letter and asked him to return home soon.

I know Winnie's widow.

Jinchao came to pick me up after work.

Sarah helped himself to a cup of coffee and a donut.

Jared is very thorough.

Are we mortal or immortal?

How about another piece of pie, Olaf?

Have you seen him on stage?

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Nobody likes it.

English is too difficult for me to understand.

For a time, things were peaceful.


Hughes relapsed on heroin.

I want to find him.

Our success depends on whether he helps us or not.

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You're better than they are.

Now, when everything is gone, all we have left is the memory.

Cancer is the leading cause for hospice care.


We'll assist you in any way we can.

I don't want you to do anything.

The flowers in the garden are very beautiful.


Excuse me, please check the oil.

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What happened freaked Phil out.


I expected Dannie to be at my party.

Today the society of Russia clearly lacks spiritual ties.

My grandma is 75 years old.

"Stupid humans," said the squirrel.

We lost Tim.

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I'm waiting for your answer.

Giles seems comfortable.

Kitty and Marilyn aren't home yet.


He saw her video.


Slow but steady progress always wins.

Her question is hard to answer.

I'd like to buy everyone a round.

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Did you shoot this video?